Roofing Equipment

The patented with other patent pending RB4000 is causing a roofing revolution!  It's very versatile, allowing it to go where trucks and trailers can't.

The Equipter roofing equipment can fit in many tight spaces where other roof trailers have no chance. With its wide tires and wheel setup (4 wheels) it does very well in yards with minimal tracking. The RB4000 is greatly impacting the residential roofing industry and also excels in many other applications for general contractors, landscaping, demolition and remodeling.

The lift and rear extension features allow its container to sit over top of shrubbery and provide the ability to reach back under the roof overhang. Once it is stationed under the roof overhang you simply push all your waste directly off the rooftop into the container.

The RB4000 can hold about 1200 square ft. of average shingle waste.

After the roofing trailer container is filled, simply back it up by its own self propelled drive system to a dump truck or dumpster and use the lift to easily empty the waste with no further mess or clean up. Or if so desired, you can attach the roofing trailer to your pickup truck and transport the debris to a landfill or any waste disposal facility.

Visit the Roofer's Buggy official website for more information.

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